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Important Notice:

Allocation subject to change without further notice:

As much as we would love to give you everything that you ordered, we sometimes do not receive everything that we order from the manufacturer or factories. We cannot guarantee that you will receive your full order, so please do not depend on it. We will do our best, but some things are out of our control.

Assortments subject to change without further notice:

There are times when the manufacturer or factory will give us an assortment breakdown for products. Although there is a slim chance that this may occur, the actual assortment may be different than what was originally expected. This is something decided by the manufacturer, and is out of our control. We cannot guarantee the case assortments, so please do not depend solely on information given before the product is released. We will try our best to update customers when we notice a change.

Johnny Lightning

JL 1:64 50th Anniversary
JL 1:64 Americas Finest
JL 1:64 Classic Gold
JL 1:64 Diorama
JL 1:64 Gone Fishing
JL 1:64 Greatest Generation
JL 1:64 Hobby Exclusive
JL 1:64 Hulls & Haulers
JL 1:64 MiJo Exclusives
JL 1:64 Muscle Cars
JL 1:64 Muscle Cars U.S.A.
JL 1:64 Pop Culture
JL 1:64 Silver Screen Machines
JL 1:64 Street Freaks
JL 1:64 Themed 2-Pack
JL 1:64 Tiny Houses
JL 1:64 Tow & Go
JL 1:64 Truck and Trailer
JL 1:64 Wheeled Warriors

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M & J Toys Inc.
16700 Gale Ave
City of Industry, CA 91745

Tel: 626-330-3882
Fax: 626-330-3108

Business Hours:

M-F 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM

SAT: Closed for now

Closed On:

Sundays, New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.


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Sales/Shipping: Michael -

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