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Important Notice:

Allocation Unguaranteed:

As much as we would love to give you everything that you ordered, we sometimes do not receive everything that we order from the manufacturer or factories. We cannot guarantee that you will receive your full order, so please do not depend on it. We will do our best, but some things are out of our control.

Assortments Unguaranteed:

There are times when the manufacturer or factory will give us an assortment breakdown for products. Although there is a slim chance that this may occur, the actual assortment may be different than what was originally expected. This is something decided by the manufacturer, and is out of our control. We cannot guarantee the case assortments, so please do not depend solely on information given before the product is released. We will try our best to update customers when we notice a change.


Showcase 1:18 MiJo Exclusives Illumicase + USB Powered LED Showcase (Black with mirror floor and back) 14.2"x7.4"x6.5"
Item Number: MJ7710
Show Cases
M & J / MiJo Exclusives
Cararama 1:43 Land Rover Defender 110 with Trailer and Mini Cooper British Racing #113 (Red/White)
Item Number: 48131M
1:43 Cararama
Cararama 1:43 Mitsubishi Pajero Evolution (White) with Trailer and Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution II RalliArt #1 (Red/White)
Item Number: 48130M
1:43 Cararama
Rotary Display Stand - K.C. Display Units 10" Mirrored Turntable USB Powered
Item Number: MJ11010
Rotating Displays
Tarmac Works 1:43 RAUH-Welt BEGRIEF (RWB) 930 Apple #89 (White)
Item Number: T43-013-AP
Tarmac Works
Tarmac Works 1:43
Jada Nano Hollywood Rides Multipack Harry Potter 1959 Ford Anglia & The Knight Bus (~1.65")
Item Number: 31719-MJ
1.65 in
Jada Toys
Jada Nano
Jada Nano Hollywood Rides
Entertainment Vehicles
Jada Nano Hollywood Rides Multipack Batman Batmobile, The Penguin Duck, & The Penguin Ride (~1.65")
Item Number: 31616-MJ
1.65 in
Jada Toys
Jada Nano
Jada Nano Hollywood Rides
Entertainment Vehicles
Johnny Lightning 1:64 Mijo Exclusive Import Heat 2001 Acura Integra Type R Yellow Limited 2,400
Item Number: JLCP7251-24
Johnny Lightning
JL 1:64 MiJo Exclusives
Hot Wheels 1:64 Team Transport " G " Case Assortment 2020
Item Number: FLF56-956G
1:64 Hot Wheels
Hot Wheels 1:64 Pop Culture 946E Dash 2019 Led Zeppelin 5 assortment
Item Number: DLB45-946E
Hot Wheels
Hot Wheels 1:64 Pop Culture / Nostalgia

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